We combine our deep global business development and strategic solutions selling expertise
with our industry, technology, legal and finance expertise to bring tangible enterprise value
to you.  The right services' solutions for your unique needs today and tomorrow.  

Interim Management

Sales Leadership

We step into executive roles to bring professional
sales leadership and to help bridge skill or credibility
gaps.  We lead by example out in the field developing
sales team selling skills while crafting and closing
long-term sustainable customer solutions.  

  • Sales team recruiting, both domestic and
  • Solution sales training - we believe solution
    selling is the key to long-term revenue success, so that your sales force is in step
    with customer goals and objectives  
  • Development of strategic sales plans, forecasts and supporting marketing materials

Fee structure: monthly retainer plus incentive commission.

Business Development Leadership

We step into executive roles to bring professional business development leadership and to
help bridge skill or credibility gaps.  Working with your executive management team, we
take a leadership role to explore, negotiate and develop new sales channels, product
markets, strategic and tactical alliances and licensing opportunities that directly accelerate
organic growth.  

Fee structure: monthly retainer plus incentive commission.

Venture Feasibility

We work one-on-one with entrepreneurs to determine whether or not the business idea is
feasible.  If feasible, we help formulate the overall executable strategic plan - inclusive of
the sales, business development, financial, marketing plan and operations plans.

Fee structure: monthly retainer, fixed fee amount and/or equity    

Sales Coaching

We work one-on-one with high performance sales professionals who have a passion for
customer success to help them attain greater personal success.  Drawing upon our 25
years experience leading global high performance sales and business development teams
to record quota performances, we help sales managers and salespeople get more results in
less time.  Our methodology - we teach solution selling by viewing the world through the
eyes of the customer.   

Fee structure: hourly rate or monthly retainer

Independent Sales Agents

For select companies with industry-leading technologies and services, we act as
independent sales agents to drive domestic and international sales growth.

We have a long history of success reaching and closing senior executives and exceeding
sales objectives. We also have strong competency and experience in selling complex global
business services and solutions to all executive levels.  Our team will uncover sales
opportunities and take either a leadership or supportive role in the sales process.

Fee structure: incentive commission [Note: as of June 1, 2006, we are no longer        
accepting new client arrangements under this arrangement. ]
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