Plenum client realizes a 300% revenue growth rate and 15%
bottom-line margin improvement resulting from a strategic alliance

Plenum clients span the gamut from start-up companies to complex global enterprises.  
Regardless of size and maturity, all Plenum clients share a common goal – the deep desire
and commitment to accelerate organic growth.  Here’s an example, told in the words of a
Plenum client, how a strategic alliance between a start-up company (Plenum client) and a
Fortune 1000 company can make “the” difference.

Plenum client in his own words:

"One of the many issues a start-up business has to address is the viability of its business
model. It all comes down to a business 'claim to fame' what its product, service or
application was designed to do in order to improve or help potential clients within the niche
it serves.  In addition, the marketing capital available or availability of resources specific to
funding a start-up is only viable as it relates to revenue growth. As the president of a start-
up marketing company, we needed a way to dramatically impact revenue growth. Working
with Plenum President, Steve Mednick, we determined that a pilot program [thereafter,
hopefully leading to a nationwide roll-out of our service] with a highly visible fortune 1000
was the way to go. We all knew and agreed that we needed to seek-out an 'elephant'
rather than 'quail,' because time was of the essence due to funding pressures.

"Within a short period of time, because of Steve Mednick’s efforts, we were introduced to a
Fortune 1000 company that agreed to pilot our service.  Additionally, Steve remained very
much involved in the pilot project working between our company and the Fortune 1000
company to assure pilot success.  

"Securing a paid pilot program with this Fortune 1000 company represented a significant
milestone for us, because of the revenue it generated, thus helping our cash flow
challenges. Moreover, the pilot allowed us an opportunity to validate our business plan
within the marketplace.

"To make certain our Fortune 1000 partner was aware of the pilot’s progress and financial
results, Steve Mednick carefully measured its operational and financial impact every step of
the way.  As a result, the pilot was overwhelmingly deemed a success based upon its
impressive returns on investment. Further, the sales generated from the pilot program
contributed to our company such that we exceeded our revenue objective for the quarter -
representing a milestone for the company. In addition, and unexpectedly, we realized a
10% "second touch" sales phenomena - meaning recipients of our service through the
Fortune 1000 company were so impressed, we received unsolicited requests regarding how
they too could implement our service - new sales!

"Based upon the pilot results our service was incorporated into a national program thus
further validating our business model, and the incremental revenue we realized provided
for expansion, marketing, development of sales case studies, staying power, and our
business viability. Our data analysis revealed that the sales generated from the pilot and
national program generated a 300% incremental annual revenue growth rate for our
company, tripling our sales as compared to prior year, maintained a consistent 10% second
touch lead source, reduced investor funding by 100% for two quarters, dramatically
impacted our buying power through vendor related purchases, provided for the self -
funding of IT enhancements and brand development, and generated a 15% bottom line
margin improvement to our business. More importantly, signing a contract with our new
partner for year two immediately impacted our sales projections and budgeting process
and thus eliminated guess work across the spectrum.

"Bottom Line: the results of this strategic alliance allowed for the evolution of our start-up
company to become an emerging small business with a bright future."

[Note: the impact of the alliance on the Fortune 1000 company was also significant, as it
significantly accelerated its sales cycle resulting in the achievement of its annual corporate
sales quota. A win-win for both the start-up company and Fortune 1000 company.]  
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