A Joint Commitment to Deliver Client Value

At Plenum, we are committed to helping our clients exceed
their business needs by delivering our proven revenue
solutions.  As part of that commitment, we have formed an
Alliance Program allowing us to work together with the
best-in-class partners, combining our strategic resources to
deliver new enterprise-wide solutions that put our clients
ahead of the curve.  Our Alliance Program ensures a joint
commitment from both Plenum and our alliance partners.  

Alliance Partners

Plenum is a proud member of IBM's PartnerWorld® alliance program.  PartnerWorld® is a
worldwide program for IBM Business Partners that offers sales and marketing tools, skill-
building courses and technical support to help create opportunities to grow your business
and drive increased profit.

The mission of the Orange County Technology Action Network
(OCTANe) is to create,
develop, and accelerate biomedical and information technology businesses in Orange
County. Our goal is to create a thriving "ecosystem" in Orange County that fuels
technological advancements and company development.

We are a private, non-profit corporation comprising biomedical and technology companies,
entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, strategic service partners, private investors and

The OCTANe Board consists of some of Orange County's top executives and resources.  
Representatives from Conexant, Edwards Lifesciences, UC Irvine, Western Digital, Miramar
Ventures, Broadcom, AMO, The Irvine Company, Ernst & Young, and others are actively
participating in and dedicated to OCTANe's mission.  

Tech Coast Venture Network (TCVN) is dedicated to assisting, educating and
connecting early stage growth companies with information and advisors for the purpose of
raising money.

TCVN has been directly or indirectly responsible for the establishment and growth of a
significant number of new and early stage businesses.

Through its major program, the Venture Forum, TCVN has had over 150 programs on
topics to assist and educate the entrepreneurs attending these programs. More than 400
entrepreneurs, CEO's, investors and other presenters' have shared their professional
business knowledge and experiences.

TCVN is a not-for-profit corporation that was founded in 1984. It has continuously been
actively involved in the Orange County/Southern California business community ever since.

Strategic Equity Group was founded in 1989 to provide investment banking services to
middle market companies. Since that time, the firm has grown to become a full-service
merger and acquisition and valuation advisory firm with expertise in a number of areas.
While sell-side representation and fairness and other financial opinions remain the core of
our practice, our capabilities expand well beyond these areas to encompass a breadth of
experience not generally found in a boutique firm. Our mission is simple – To provide value
added investment banking services to the middle market. What makes us different is that
we provide those services by leveraging our experience, conducting ourselves with
integrity, and delivering results.

If you are up at night wondering how you will make the changes in your sales force that
need to be made if you are to succeed, if your sales management systems are not
producing what you need, if you are sick and tired of hiring sales people who don't sell,
would it make sense to call the experts in sales force development? We can't help
everyone. We might not be able to solve your problems. We would have to ask some
questions to find out. Hundreds of millions of dollars have moved from buyer to seller in the
past 40 years because of the
Sandler Selling System. Does it make sense to call us?

To enable businesses compete in today's global economy,
iBridge provides outsourcing
services with an objective to improve bottom-line results.  We joint venture or collaborate
with companies to explore and penetrate the fastest growing markets on the planet - India
and China. We execute on strategies to overcome cultural, economic, financial barriers of
entry and provide in-country support to mitigate risk and exposure.

Based in Orange County, California,
Venture Farm is a funding and execution entity and
is focused on delivering value to entrepreneurs and early stage companies through direct
investments and execution assistance. Venture Farm combines managed capital with
focused execution and domain expertise.

Venture Farm passionately helps its portfolio companies build a solid organizational
foundation, fine tune their value proposition, accelerate their growth, and gain access to
subsequent funding.

TriTech is a unique, evolutionary response to an extraordinary intersection of business
community need, knowledge exchange and individuals seeking help pioneering new
business ideas. It is a Small Business Development Center centered on helping Southern
California people with high tech / high growth business concepts learn how to bring their
ideas to market. We provide consulting services to our clients at no charge. They are
funded by Small Business Administration grants and California State University Fullerton
along with support by other local organizations.

Combined with the TriTech Institute and high level referrals, TriTech helps high tech / high
growth companies compete by providing the early, high level, consulting, training and
contacts that such businesses require, when they need it.

The International Council for Small Business (ICSB) was founded in 1957 in the United
States as a comprehensive organization of outstanding researchers, scholars, teachers,
administrators, and public policy makers interested in entrepreneurship and small business.
As the organization grew, members decided to form national affiliates, and the U. S.
Affiliate of the ICSB was established in 1981. In 1985, the name was changed to the United
States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE).

USASBE is an eclectic group of government officials, directors of small business
development centers, and academics in fields like finance, marketing, management, and
economics united by their common interest in entrepreneurship and small business.

As leaders in their fields, they are making an impact on government policy and on the
development of small business and entrepreneurship. USASBE's forward-looking members
are determined to remain on the cutting edge of research; they are extending the field of
knowledge and shaping entrepreneurial thinking for the 21st Century.
Alliance Program Overview.  
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