This is Plenum

We are a sales and revenue development firm for start-ups to complex global enterprises.  
Unlike most consulting firms, our end product is not a multi-page report arising out of a
protracted study. Rather, working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, we actively seek out
and execute on tangible sales and revenue opportunities that drive incremental top-line growth
and bottom-line results.

In an interim sales management leadership role we may be asked by a start-up venture to
establish its initial sales program and train the founder on the fundamentals of entrepreneurial
solutions selling.  Or, for an established firm, we may be asked to help hire, assess or train
the existing sales team on solutions sales to accelerate sales growth and enhance customer
retention.  In an interim business development management role we may be asked to
establish key alliances, partnerships, distribution channels or to unlock value in under-utilized
intellectual property.  Regardless of the assignment, we take a leading role to assure timely

The word "plenum" means "the condition of being full."  Like our name implies, our goal is to
help our clients identify and implement growth opportunities so they will realize the full value
of their business.  

Committed to delivering innovation, we collaborate with clients to unlock the full value of their
business and set a course for high-performance results.  With deep business, sales and
revenue development expertise, broad national resources and a proven track record, we can
mobilize the necessary resources to uncover and execute on new growth opportunities.   

Our industry expertise includes the following areas:

    Information Technology        Finance                        Health Care
    Manufacturing                      Higher Education           Business Services
    Human Resources                Legal                            Distribution
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CEOs say alliances,                        
acquisitions and licensing              
agreements are of greatest           
importance for their                       
companies' success...two               
thirds said future growth               
would be achieved by                     
alliances, including joint                 
ventures and partnerships; 59      
percent said acquisitions and         
mergers; and 36 percent said        
licensing or co-marketing              

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