Nov. 7, 2005

Plenum Revenue Group, LLC to Co-Sponsor and Participate in the University of
La Verne's Center for Strategic Thinking's Conference on Venture Capital  

Plenum to assist the University of La Verne in securing conference
sponsorships, venture capital panelists and attendees.

La Verne, CA The Center for Strategic Thinking at the University of La Verne announced
that it is sponsoring a conference to educate entrepreneurs in the Inland Empire and San
Gabriel Valley about seeking venture capital financing.  The conference is titled “Learning
About Venture Capital.”  The conference will be held January 31, 2006 in La Fetra
Auditorium on the campus of the University of La Verne.  The conference will begin at 7:30
a.m. with introductions.  Company presentations will begin at 8:00 a.m.  Each company will
have 10 minutes to make its best impression on the panel.  The winning company will be
announced by the panel at the conclusion of the presentations.

The conference is open to the public with reserved seating and a continental breakfast will
be served.  For reservations, send an email to or call Kathy Duran at the
College of Business, 909-593-3511, extension 4203.  The attendance fee is $50.00.

The conference will feature presentations from early stage companies seeking venture
financing made to a panel of venture capitalists and angel investors. Venture capital
investment usually starts at $500,000 to $1 million and is intended for companies with
excellent growth prospects.

Following the round of presentations, our panel of investors will offer their opinions on the
presentations just witnessed. The goal is to offer the presenters and the audience valuable,
first-hand feedback on what works and what doesn't when pitching to investors. Panelists
are encouraged to offer their opinions on specific market segments, business models, or
value statements to illustrate the ease or difficulty entrepreneurs face in their quest for
capital.  A “best of show” winning presentation will be selected by the panel.  Specifically,
the panel will offer their comments on how the presenters can better pitch their businesses,
including areas such as overall presentation (aesthetics, presenter ability, pace, etc.),
which was the "strongest" or most compelling presentation, why the other presentations
were less compelling, major information missed, common mistakes, and which was the
best presentation.

Supporting Sponsors

The conference is supported by Tech Coast Venture Network [], Tech Coast
Angels [], San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership [www.], Momentum Venture Management, LLC [], Manatt,
Phelps & Phillips, LLP [] and Plenum Revenue Group, LLC [www.].  

Sponsor Prizes

Prior to the conference, the five selected presenting companies will have an opportunity to
be coached free of charge by Momentum Venture Management, LLC to refine their business
plans and presentations.  Momentum helps entrepreneurs rapidly convert great concepts,
technology and products into great companies.

The winning company will receive $2,500 in free legal services from Bart Greenberg,
Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP and $2,500 in free revenue advisory services from
Plenum Revenue Group, LLC.  

Seeking Presenting Companies

The Center is actively seeking Inland Empire or San Gabriel Valley based companies that
would like to make capital presentations.  Only 5 companies will be selected.  For more
information, please call Steven Mednick at 909.593.3511, ext. 4267 or send an email to  Presentation proposals may be sent to strategicthinking@ulv.
edu by no later than January 15, 2006.  Proposals should be a 1-3 page executive
summary.  Full business plans may be requested at a later date.  

About The Center for Strategic Thinking

The conference is part of the Center’s efforts to educate local entrepreneurs about the
types and sources of venture capital and to help companies qualify for the funds needed for
expansion.  The Center also provides assistance in strategic planning, market analysis,
writing business plans, and completing financial projections.  

The Center for Strategic Thinking was established one year ago and has become involved
in numerous projects with Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley businesses and cities.  
Additionally, the Center will be hosting regular workshops for local businesses and
government entities on a myriad of topics as a way to reach-out into the business and
professional community in the Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley.

The Center’s Faculty Director is Professor Richard Simpson, an expert in strategic
management. The Center’s Business Development Director is Steve Mednick, President,
Plenum Revenue Group, LLC.  He is also the Executive Chair of the University Alliance
Program for Tech Coast Venture Network.   

About Plenum Revenue Group, LLC

Based in Newport Beach, Calif., Plenum is a sales and revenue development company for
emerging businesses to complex global enterprises and universities.  Working shoulder-to-
shoulder with its clients, Plenum actively seeks out and delivers tangible organic revenue
opportunities for its clients that accelerate top-line growth and bottom-line results.  For
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