December 5, 2005

Plenum Revenue Group, LLC President Steven Mednick Interviewed by The
Business Press

Mednick discusses January 31, 2006 Venture Capital Conference at the
University of La Verne

December 5, 2005



The University of La Verne Center for Strategic Thinking is organizing a venture capital
conference to be held Jan. 31 - a forum the Inland Empire has been missing for more than
a year.

The university is inviting companies in need of capital to submit proposals and participate in
the "Learning About Venture Capital" conference.

Organizers hope to arrange $500,000 to $1 million in capital to match with local companies
with "excellent" growth opportunities, said Paul Abbodante, associate professor of finance.  
"We'd like to be the premier venture capital conference for the Inland Empire," Abbodante

"Even if a company is not chosen as a presenting company, the response from the
capitalists will be helpful to entrepreneurs on how venture capitalists view companies for
potential investments," he said.

At least five companies will be selected to present at the conference. There,the companies'
presentations will be analyzed by investors.

The Center for Strategic Thinking has received no proposals yet, but the conference will
"definitely" take place, Abbodante said.

Organizers prefer companies in San Bernardino or Riverside counties,
but are open to entrepreneurs from areas near the region.

The Center for Strategic Thinking will step up its efforts to solicit proposals over the next
two weeks, said Steve Mednick, a member of the university's business advisory council.
Mednick is marketing the event to the business community.

Mednick expects some of the venture capitalists to come from the Tech Coast Angels, an
entrepreneurial investment organization based in Los Angeles, he said. Other venture
capitalists have not been confirmed for the conference, Mednick said.

Participants will gain from investor feedback, Mednick said. "That is where people learn to
actually listen to potential funders about what they like, what could be improved." Few
companies get venture capital funding the first time out, Mednick said.

The Learning About Venture Capital conference is a major push to bring venture capital
dollars to the region's budding companies.

The Inland Empire's Diamond Venture Forum, the only venture capital forum and funding
program in the area, was axed due to state budget woes in 2004.  The forum was held
each year at the Mission Inn in Riverside by the Inland Empire Small Business
Development Center to pair local entrepreneurs with investment opportunities.

The University of La Verne conference is a welcome event for the region's start-ups, said
Paul Hiller, president of the Inland Empire Economic

"If it is one thing that we need, especially with high-tech start-ups, it is venture capital,"
Hiller said. "There is already venture capital in Orange County and Los Angeles. I'm excited
they're going to be doing this on an annual basis."

The deadline for companies to submit their presentation proposals is Jan. 15.

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