January 1, 2011

Plenum Revenue Group and TriTech Small Business Development Center enter
into a one year agreement for advisory services.

Plenum to continue to represent TriTech to the entrepreneurial business
community to assist early stage technology companies in securing equity and
debt financing.  

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. Steven Mednick, President of Plenum Revenue Group, a
leading revenue development consulting firm for emerging businesses to complex global
enterprises, has been retained for 2011 by TriTech, a Small Business Development Center,
to assist early stage companies throughout southern California in securing equity and debt

“I am again thrilled to continue to be a part of the TriTech team in Orange County,"  
Mednick said.  "Through this engagement, I will continue to assist emerging technology
firms in southern California securing the necessary funding for growth.  Since Plenum
joined the TriTech team in 2007, we have recorded over $55 million in economic impact to
the Small Business Association.  2011 is off to a fast start and we optimistic it will be an
outstanding year for the start-up community."

About TriTech

TriTech is a unique, evolutionary response to an extraordinary intersection of business
community need, knowledge exchange and individuals seeking help pioneering new
business ideas. It is a Small Business Development Center centered on helping Southern
California people with high tech / high growth business concepts learn how to bring their
ideas to market. We provide consulting services to our clients at no charge. They are
funded by Small Business Administration grants and California State University Fullerton
along with support by other local organizations.

Combined with the TriTech Institute and high level referrals, TriTech helps high tech / high
growth companies compete by providing the early, high level, consulting, training and
contacts that such businesses require, when they need it.

About Plenum Revenue Group

Based in Newport Beach, Calif., Steven Mednick is president of Plenum Revenue Group,
LLC.  Plenum is a revenue development company for emerging businesses to complex
global enterprises.  Working shoulder-to-shoulder with its clients, Plenum actively seeks out
and delivers tangible business opportunities for its clients that drive incremental top-line
growth and bottom-line results.  For more information about Plenum, please visit www. or call 1.949.838.5894.
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