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April 17, 2006

Sendio, Inc. Engages Plenum Revenue Group, LLC

Plenum engaged to seek out new customers,  strategic alliance partners and
channel partners.

Plenum Revenue Group, LLC, a leading revenue
development consulting firm for emerging businesses to complex global enterprises, has
been engaged by Sendio, Inc. to seek out new customers, strategic alliance and channel
partners worldwide.

“We are thrilled Sendio selected Plenum to assist it in engaging strategic alliances, channel
partners and key customers,"  Mednick said.  "Sendio's revolutionary 'Sender Address
Verification' technology is the only filter-free, 100% effective enterprise Anti-spam solution
on the market today."

About Sendio

Headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif.,  Sendio's spam blocking appliance stops all
corporate junk mail.  Sendio was formed because, like you, we were tired of dealing with
junk mail and spam. We saw companies spending money and hours trying to block spam
with only limited success. Filters require constant management and monitoring and can
block legitimate email as easily as junk email. We set out to create an affordable spam
blocking solution that requires minimal maintenance, never blocks a legitimate email, and
does not require filters.

The result:
Sender Address Verification (SAV) technology. The only filter-free, 100% effective
enterprise anti-spam solution.

About Plenum Revenue Group

Based in Newport Beach, Calif., Plenum is a revenue development company for emerging
businesses to complex global enterprises.  Working shoulder-to-shoulder with its clients,
Plenum actively seeks out and delivers tangible business opportunities for its clients that
drive incremental top-line growth and bottom-line results.  For more information about
Plenum, please visit www.plenumrevenuegroup.com or call 1.949.218.8657.
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