From Battlefield to Boardroom
Winning Strategies for Today's Global Business
Dennis Laurie, Ph.D.
August 2001


Strategies, well crafted and boldly executed, are the linchpin of a successful company.
Many successful business strategies have their genesis on one of history's battlefields. In
this his latest book, best-selling strategy author Dennis Laurie depicts crucial battles
through history, describing the key military strategies and their application to the business
world. Vivid depictions of those modern day companies that have already begun executing
these military orientated strategies such as Microsoft, Nike, Disney and make
this book a stimulating read for those Senior Executives and MBA students seeking fresh

Contents Field of Battle
Annihilate the Red Army of Coca Cola
Pearl Harbour... Tora! Tora! Tora!
Patton's Morocco Initiative
Moses' Hebrews in Sinai
Desert Storm
Napoleon's Russian Invasion
Scipio's Carthage Attack
Yamamoto's Assassination
Black Hawks Down

Author Biography

DENNIS LAURIE is Senior Research Fellow at the Drucker School of Management at the
Claremont Colleges where he earned his Ph.D. studying under Peter Drucker. He is host of
the US-Japan Investing television show and his strategic planning consulting clients include
Lexus, Canon, GM, Panasonic and the Los Angeles Police Department. He spent thirty years
with both Hughes Electronics and BP Amoco in various senior management positions. His
previous book was the bestseller, Yankee Samurai. Dr. Laurie currently is Director of the
Center for Strategic Thinking at the Business School of the University of La Verne.

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