October 1, 2005

University of La Verne College of Business and Public Management Retains
Plenum Revenue Group to Develop its Center for Strategic Thinking

Plenum Revenue Group, LLC, a leading revenue
development advisory firm for emerging businesses to large, complex enterprises, has
been retained by the University of La Verne College of Business and Public Management to
develop and direct its Center for Strategic Thinking.  Plenum will work with University
faculty, staff, students and alumni to develop a visible and distinguished outreach center
that addresses the educational and on-site support needs of businesses, non-profits and
governmental entities in the Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley.    

“We are extremely honored to be associated with the University of La Verne and its College
of Business and Public Management," stated Plenum President Steven Mednick.  "The
University plays a significant role in educating many, many business and civic leaders who
work and live in southern California.  Through the Center, the University will continue to
play a role in their education and on-going support needs and in the education and on-
going support needs of many other business and civic leaders who reside in the Inland
Empire and San Gabriel Valley."   

About the University Of La Verne College of Business and Public Management

The mission of the College of Business and Public Management is to provide our
undergraduate and graduate business students with a broad-based management education
that emphasizes the application of theory to management practice and builds conceptual
skills and core values needed to become effective leaders and managers in today's rapidly
changing global business environment.

We support this mission by providing relevant curriculum that capitalizes on our liberal arts
traditions, focuses on effective decision-making, and emphasizes the knowledge, skills, and
values needed in a culturally diverse workplace. In addition, we are committed to
continuous quality improvement, applied scholarly pursuits, and sharing our resources with
the business, professional, and academic communities.

As a business school, we value a strong commitment to our business students and to their
success both personally and academically. As a major within the College of Business and
Public Management, you will find a caring faculty and staff, small class sizes, and a lot of
personal attention from the faculty, both in and out of the classroom. We take pride in
providing an environment for our students to succeed.

The College of Business and Public Management offers both undergraduate and graduate
business programs and we have many success stories to share with you. We have an
excellent reputation within the business community and our business alumni can be found
in all types of organizations including local Southern California businesses, large national
and international organizations, entrepreneurial oriented enterprises and government and
non-profit agencies.

The college has a prominent full-time faculty with strong academic credentials and diverse
business backgrounds, as well as part-time faculty who are active practitioners in their
fields and who hold appropriate academic credentials. In addition, we receive guidance
from a Business Advisory Board of distinguished business and professional leaders. This
insures that employers find in ULV graduates the skills and training needed in today's
competitive, global business environment.

About The Center For Strategic Thinking

One of the cornerstones of the College’s strategic plan is to identify the educational and on-
site support needs within the business and professional communities in order to develop a
visible distinguished outreach center that addresses those needs.  Hence, the launch of The
Center for Strategic Thinking.  

The goals of the Center are twofold.  First, to offer public and customized educational
programs, workshops, and on-site support to satisfy the needs of business, government
and non-profit organizations in the areas of strategic thinking, strategic planning and other
strategic-related issues. Second, to engage selected College students in the Center’s on-
site support activities to supplement their traditional textbook method by giving them more
opportunities to work directly with regional businesses, faculty, staff, alumni, and partners
from both private and public sectors.

The objectives of the Center are to: (1) increase the awareness of the College in the
business and professional communities; (2) foster the advancement of strategic planning
and strategic thinking; (3) provide education, research and on-site support to the business
and professional communities; (4) utilize College faculty, staff, alumni, and partners from
both private and public enterprise to deliver quality programs; (5) generate a positive cash
flow; (6) promote other College programs and initiatives; and (7) attract sponsorships to
the College from the business and professional communities.

About Plenum Revenue Group, LLC

Based in Newport Beach, Calif., Plenum is a revenue development company for emerging
businesses to complex global enterprises.  Working shoulder-to-shoulder with its clients,
Plenum actively seeks out and delivers tangible business opportunities for its clients that
drive incremental top-line growth and bottom-line results.  For more information about
Plenum, please visit or call 1.949.218.8657.
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