September 8, 2006

Plenum Initiates Strategic Alliance Between BrightCom and PAETEC

Plenum's vision of an alliance between BrightCom, Inc.  and PAETEC
Communications, Inc. becomes reality.

Plenum Revenue Group, a leading revenue development
consulting firm for emerging businesses to complex global enterprises, announced today
that its vision in the fall of 2005 of a potential strategic alliance between PAETEC
Communications, Inc. and BrightCom, Inc. became a reality today with the PAETEC press
release below.   

"When I first met John Mudge, president of BrightCom, at VentureNet, and learned about
their conferencing solution, I knew right away that a possible alliance between BrightCom
and PAETEC would benefit both companies," said Plenum President Steven Mednick.  "I am
pleased to have been the catalyst for this alliance.  I am always looking for potential
alliances between emerging companies and larger, complex enterprises that will benefit
both in many ways."

“The announcement of our September 7, 2006 strategic alliance with PAETEC is very
important to our revenue growth initiatives.  This alliance would never have occurred had it
not been for Steve Mednick and Plenum Revenue Group.  Steve had a clear vision of how
we might work with PAETEC and was the initial catalyst for the alliance” said BrightCom
President John Mudge.  

September 8, 2006 BrightCom press release:

BrightCom Enters Conferencing Alliance with PAETEC
September 8, 2006

BrightCom, Inc., the performance leader in enterprise conferencing, announces that it has
entered into a strategic alliance with PAETEC Communications Incorporated. PAETEC is a
leading provider for integrated telephony, data and voice services for the enterprise
market with over 200 years of combined experience in telecommunications. PAETEC
provides comprehensive communication solutions for customers; removing the need
for separate vendors for various telephony and data services. By offering a broad range of
integrated conferencing products, PAETEC is able to provide a specific solution to the
individual requirements of their customers. BrightCom's web and video conference
solutions 'fill in a gap' within PAETEC's integrated services. "This strategic alliance will
incorporate BrightCom web and video conference solutions in PAETEC's system audits." said
BrightCom President John Mudge. "When PAETEC provides a system audit for their
customers, they will now be able to recommend BrightCom solutions if it fulfills the
customer's video and web conference needs." added Mudge.

“BrightCom offers a solution that works with all standard equipment and technologies,” said
Jim Lizon, vice president of equipment services data sales for PAETEC’s ISG equipment
division, which will facilitate the BrightCom services. “We can now offer a stronger
conferencing option that compliments our private-IP MPLS service.” added Lizon.

BrightCom products that will be part of the PAETEC solution portfolio include:

The Visual Collaboration System (VCS): A fully integrated 'plug and play' network
appliance solution optimized for hosting rich, interactive, live collaborative meetings via a
web browser.

ClearView: A state-of-the-art audio and video conferencing line of products include
offerings for conference room systems and desktop video conferencing systems.


PAETEC Communications, Inc., is an innovative supplier of communications solutions to
medium and large businesses and institutions. With the belief that every customer has
unique needs, PAETEC offers personalized solutions that include a comprehensive suite of
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services delivered over our Private-IP MPLS network.
With more than 1,000,000 access line equivalents in service, PAETEC serves more than
15,000 core business customers across the U.S. by offering a full line of
telecommunications and Internet services, enterprise communications management
software, security solutions, and managed services. The company was the recipient of the
2005 American Business Ethics Award for a mid-size company, presented by the Society of
Financial Services Professionals. PAETEC is headquartered in Fairport, N.Y. More
information about the company can be found by visiting

About BrightCom

BrightCom is a provider of a wide range of business communication and collaboration
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BrightCom to help them communicate and collaborate more efficiently. BrightCom is a
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