Our Mission
At Plenum our mission is clear and unequivocal -- deliver incremental and
sustainable top-line growth and bottom-line results.  

Our goal is to be the recognized leader in our industry -- providing positive,
measurable outcomes.  We are passionate about and dedicated to every
client's success -- whether they are a start-up, an emerging company, in a
turnaround situation or a complex, global enterprise seeking growth
through strategic alliances.

Your Competitive Landscape
Today's economy demands that your firm adopt fresh approaches to doing
business.  Market conditions are changing quickly, and your competitive
landscape is intensifying.  You must seek innovation and speed to quickly
and effectively capture new sales and revenue growth opportunities and
meet new challenges.    

Today's new economy demands that your
leadership team be dynamic, innovative and
extremely knowledgeable about your business,
your industry and your competition. It's
imperative to balance time between working
"in your business" and working "on your business."  
Yet, your leadership team may be so consumed
with daily events that it is impossible to spend the
necessary time and resources to seek out and exploit many growth
opportunities.  And, your team may not be experienced enough nor
properly trained to identify and execute on future sales and revenue growth

Maybe it's time to begin working "on your business" by exploring and
executing on growth opportunities that will position your company for
accelerated top-line growth and  bottom-line results.  
“The announcement of our  
strategic alliance with PAETEC is
very important to our revenue
growth initiatives.  This alliance
would never have occurred had it
not been for Steve Mednick and
Plenum Revenue Group.  Steve
had a clear vision of how we
might work with PAETEC and was
the catalyst for the alliance.”
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John Mudge        
BrightCom, Inc.
Huntington Beach, CA

“Steve has been an incredible
asset as an advisor to our
company,” says COO Steve
Rosenthal. We’ve been
fortunate to work with Steve
through the mentoring process
and look forward to continuing
our evolution under his tutelage,”
Rosenthal concludes.

Steve Rosenthal
Service Omni

"Because of Steve Mednick’s
efforts, within a short period of
time we were introduced to a
Fortune 1000 company that
agreed to pilot our service....the
sales from the pilot generated a
300% incremental annual
revenue growth rate...tripling our
sales...and a 15% bottom line
margin improvement to our
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"We've known and worked very
closely with Steve Mednick,
founder and President of Plenum
for over four years.  We have
been very impressed with his
ability to uncover and implement
incremental revenue programs in
the IT industry through strategic
alliances, acquisitions and IP
licensing agreements."

Desh Urs
Portland, Oregon

"Steve Mednick has an
extraordinary talent of applying
the fundamentals of a business
model to different technologies.  
He is an effective communicator.  
His mentoring played an integral
part in Ambryx Biotechnology's
success in securing a new round
of financing this year.....Steven's
insights have already inspired
many entrepreneurs..."

Helen Chen, Ph.D.
Vice President, Business
Ambryx Biotechnology, Inc.
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SBA News Release:
Plenum President Steven Mednick awarded 2011 State Star from the
Association of Small Business Development Centers - $75 million in client
economic impact.
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